General Certification Process

Certain guidelines need to be followed in order to get the Organic Certification from certifying bodies local or international.

Step 1: Registration and Application
First of all, the applicants must get registered to any certification body, which in turn provides an application package consisting of :

  • Application Form
  • Agreement
  • Organic System Plan
    • Here we require information on the following heads
      • Record keeping
      • Production details
      • Details of input used (Fertility, Pest control and Disease management)
      • Preventive measures undertaken
      • Methods used for prevention of contamination and commingling
      • Lab report on Soil and water test
      • Map of Farming facility
      • Product label to be used
    • Field History Sheet (For Crops indent, Grower group, Wild harvest)
    • Inventory list and Farm products
    • Organic product profile
    • Questionnaire for Grower group (For Crop production Grower group only)

Step 2: Application Review for obtaining Organic Certification

      • Once the completely filled application is submitted to the certifying body, it will be reviewed for its completeness, and will be checked for its compliances. If all the standard and criteria are met, applicants will be contacted for on-site audit of mutual agreement.

Step 3: Inspection

  • An Organic Inspector will visit the applicants’ farm, on the prescribed date for the inspection. Where the inspector will verify the farm, check for feasibility of the operator stated by applicant, and also check for the Organic standard compliances. The inspector will interview the applicants’ further details.
  • Inspection may take as long as half a day to maximum of 3 days depending upon the type of operation carried out by the inspector.
  • On the basis of the inspection made, the inspector will submit the report to the certifying body and it will be evaluated.

Step 4: Secondary Review

  • Secondary review is done if more additional information is sought from the applicants.
  • Secondary review is conducted after receiving the report from the inspector, and it may take 2-4 days of time.

Step 5: Certification Decision

  • The inspectors report along with the secondary review report will be sent to the Head Office of Certifying authority for the final decision.
  • The Head Office will issue an Organic Certificate along with a Cover Letter specifying the conditions for awarding the certificate.
  • The Organic Certificate contains the details of applicants’ company, category of certificate awarded and the list of certified Organic products.
  • The overall certification process may take around 4-12 weeks depending upon the documents submitted, cooperation made with the inspection.

Thus the Certification provided by certifying body will ensure the quality of the Organic products, which helps to maintain trust between the producers and consumers.